MODEL VOICES: In Quarantine - Tyler Forbes


As the world dealt with the ramifications of COVID-19, many industries had to make adjustments. The economics of Fashion were able to be sustained in certain respects, but some models - the clearest casualty of an abruptly halted ecosystem - have had to be a little more resourceful during this time of recovery. We catch up with a few from multiple agencies for their perspectives and experiences during such a strange time.

TC. What has been your greatest “in quarantine” life lesson since the COVID-19 pandemic?

Tyler Forbes. One of the greatest things I learnt “in quarantine” is to be kind to yourself, for the most part of the lockdown. I became so anxious in trying to do something valuable with all the spare time I had. It came to a point where on days I felt little motivation to do anything, I’d beat myself up about it in my head, which made me realize we all have our bad days but they’re not persistent--and when having a bad or “off day,” ride it out. It’s okay! Just make sure you come back 10 times stronger. That’s been helping me get through this weird time.

TC. How has your modeling been impacted "in quarantine"?

Tyler Forbes. I was signed in June/July in the midst of the pandemic, so all I’ve ever done is model during this time, I’m not entirely sure where I would be if things were normal. For sure I would travel a lot more, as that’s one thing that’s really been halted. However, I feel in a weird way it’s been beneficial for me. Strangely enough, I’ve had consistent work which I’m eternally blessed and grateful for, considering a lot of people are struggling [right now]--all praise to the most high!

TC. Has the fashion calendar being affected by the pandemic changed the way you think about booking runway shows, higher-paying campaigns or projects?

Tyler Forbes. I think it’s amazing to see how brands have adapted their usual methods of working. With shows being digital, they’ve allowed for so much more creativity and I really do enjoy it. I’m not sure whether this will become a thing of the future, but the industry is definitely changing and I just hope I get to be a part of it in a meaningful way.
TC. How has tech such as Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Duo, etcetera played a role in your daily life or casting experiences "in quarantine"?

Tyler Forbes. Zoom and FaceTime have pretty much become a norm in my everyday life now, they never really were before. [You know] I was scouted over a FaceTime call. My first shoot was over FaceTime, believe it or not!  We’ve all had to use “unorthodox” methods to get around this pandemic, and technology has helped us all out so much. There’s even castings I’ve done over a Zoom call, but I’ve always been more of an in-person type of guy, so I really can’t wait ‘til things go back to normal.

TC. What have been some of your favorite go-to items to wear and groom yourself "in quarantine"?

Tyler Forbes. Honestly, when it comes to grooming, I’m probably the worst. Most I do to look good is use the face wash my sister bought me. I’ve found myself just wearing tracksuits. I really love the Fear of God Essentials tracksuits, which I spend the majority of my time in ‘cause they’re so comfy--honesty can’t remember the last time I’ve worn jeans.

TC. What’s on your bucket list, “post quarantine”?

Tyler Forbes. In terms of modeling, I’d love to travel more, take part in Milan Fashion Week, and book some shoots out of North America, most notably New York and Los Angeles.